Junior Feroze khan is on the way : rumors are confirmed by Dad


Junior Feroze Khan is on the way: rumours are confirmed by Dad, Feroze Khan confirmed that his wife is pregnant. In his latest interview to something ghaut official, he revealed that they are expecting a baby. the couple has recently completed their one year of togetherness.

There were rumours after this picture about that Alizey is expecting or not but now Feroze Khan has confirmed that his wife is pregnant in his interview. and admit that they are becoming a family from a sensational couple.


Feroze Khan and Alize tied the knot in  2018, one year ago and they gave us some major couple goals with their passionate love towards each other. The way they show love and passion towards each other is sensational MASHAA-ALLAH-


Moreover, in his interview, he said that he is changing as a man after his marriage and becoming responsible. he said that he now has a sense of “self-control” about him now that he’s a married man. He also said that now he tries to offer namaz five times a day. He said that he is anxious and excited about becoming a father.

BTW we are also excited for junior Feroze and wish Feroze and Alizey a healthy baby <3