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The famous food Vlogger/Blogger Mark Weins Back in Pakistan

Numan Rasheed
Written by Numan Rasheed

The famous food Vlogger/Blogger Mark Weins Back in Pakistan, Every person on the internet they must-knows about Mark Weins. Mark Weins is a food vlogger/blogger. Mark visits different countries and different places in their countries and taste the street foods and promote the food culture and still promoting. last time Mark visited Pakistan at the end of 2018, but now in April 2019 he comes again and started his journey to promote food culture of Pakistan with the world.

Mark started his food journey on Feb,2,2009 and still enjoying this journey. He has 4 million subscribers on his youtube channel. Mark running two more youtube channels named MarkWeins Vlogs and Mark Abroad.


Mark Wiens has had a passion for food all his life, and he’s been traveling full-time with a purpose to eat since 2008. Check out his delicious food travel adventures from around the world, and his latest Thai street food discoveries and recipes. You can also watch his food videos on YouTube.

After long times traveloguers and other celebs are coming to Pakistan. Exploring the beauty, food culture, and hospitality of Pakistan with the world, and encourage them to come to Pakistan.

Mark said peoples of Pakistan are very hospitable and very friendly. also, he said peoples of Pakistan does not accept payments from him and give him food without any cost.

Mark probably visited the largest cities of Pakistan and make a vlog and write the blog on streets foods of these cities. Now other vlogger or food vlogger also are coming to Pakistan. Like The Food Ranger is in Pakistan, and now Jordan Tylor is coming to Pakistan.

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We welcome Again Mark Weins to Pakistan and prays for his safe journey to all over the world.

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