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Facebook introduces new features

Numan Rasheed
Written by Numan Rasheed

Facebook introduces new features, The California social networking site, Facebook, has said that they will solve a common and annoying problem of the information received by the friends and relatives of their dead customers through artificial intelligence.

They die to Want to stop travelling people with painful advice to call on celebrations or congratulations. According to the mid-manners, there will be a separate part of the tournament to tribute to people’s profile, and their timeline is similar He would have left as he left. The Chief Operating Officer of the FPS, Sheryl Sandberg, did not say that we hope that Facebook becomes a place where memories of our loved ones continue.

The users of Facebook have expressed their concerns in the past when they are asked to contact someone with the dead. Facebook users can ‘memoreize’ someone’s profile, with which the name ‘remambling’ Or they are able to leave their messages on it (as per the facebook, more than three million people do this every month).

Once a profile becomes memorable, then people can Notifications stop closing. But the user whose profile is not yet memorized, they say using artificial intelligence will prevent them from coming to the timeline of the people. Facebook has announced a few changes regarding the dead people on their website.

After memorizing their profile, the people referred to as ‘heritage’ of turbites written on them can be checked. Will be These will be special Facebook users who will be given their options to run their profiles in case of a person’s death. Sharel Sandbag further said that this representative can moderate his turbites section after someone dies.

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