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The federal cabinet has authorized the CTD to see cases of money laundering

Numan Rasheed
Written by Numan Rasheed

The federal cabinet has authorized the CTD to see cases of money laundering, Federal Minister Information Fawad Chaudhary has said that the federal cabinet has authorized the Department of Counter-Terrorism (CDT) to see cases of money laundering, and now the details of the money laundering cases will get lost.

Talking to reporters after the federal cabinet meeting in Islamabad, he said that the cabinet has expressed grave reservations over the recent cases of money laundering because we have seen how Shahbaz Sharif and his family have seen Money Laundering.

He said that the rulers of former rulers were due to which there is an economic crisis facing the present today, the rise in the dollar, and the huge reason for the rise in prices is corruption that was made by the Sharif family and the Zardari family in the past, however. We hope that the law will adopt its way by reaching the logical process.

The Chief Minister said that Shahbaz Sharif was absolutely unaware of the money laundering and Shahbaz Sharif has no answer about it, while Ishaq Dar, Hasan and Hussain Nawaz are also worried, not facing the courts. And are out of the country.

He said that by TT, Shahbaz Sharif’s family came to $ 2 million and some million dollars were received from Nawaz Sharif’s family, to determine how much money they were out of the country. Will be.

During his conversation, he said that 99% of assets displayed by Hamza Shahbaz are on TT while 100% of the rest of the remaining assets belong from outside the country.

Regarding the PPP, he said that this is also the case of Zardari’s family who bought the entire bank and he did all the work from the same, even more such cases will come to light. .

Along with this, he said that the matter was not only to the top leadership but the members of the cabinet were also involved in it, what was the need to keep Khawaja Asif, Ahsan Iqbal and Sharif Sharif? These questions are important whose answers will start gradually.

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The federal minister said that the investigations that have been done so far have been done before us, now you will see the investigation of our period, which will bring out details about the issue and know how much corruption was done and how much its volume Was it

Interested in running steel mills of 6 large enterprises:
Speaking about the rehabilitation of the institutions, he said that before the arrival of Asif Zardari, Steel Mills was a profitable institution, but he did not take China as long as this institution was closed, but Prime Minister Imran Due to Khan’s efforts, the project is being restored and six companies have shown interest in it.

Fadad Chaudhary said that currently this public is a proposal to run through public partnership and six major world companies have expressed interest in running it, but we also see our steel private businessmen That their interests are not affected.

Regarding the renewal of licensing of telecommunications companies, he said that in this regard, the suggestions of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) have been taken and a committee has been formed to make a final decision by observing these suggestions.

He further added that the changes in the policy of the federal government have been made, the grades received from 5 to 5 earlier recommendations were quoted and quoted to MNA’S and MPA’s, but now the quota system was terminated. And now grade one to 5 per cent will be shaped and belt through the wind.

The Federal Minister further added that the recruitments received above grade 15 are through the National Testing Service (NTS), but there have been complaints against it, on which the Establishment Division has been instructed to amend the testing service companies.

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Altaf Hussain, Ishaq Dar, Hasan and Hussain Nawaz are the gifts of Pakistan:
Regarding the meeting of the cabinet meeting, he said that seeing the need for the Financial Action Task Force (FAF), the provincial department’s anti-terrorism (CTD) has authorized them to see the matters of money laundering.

Naim Hanif, a Pakistani citizen, said Hanif Jan Mohammad has been approved for the UAE transfer because the UAE government demanded its delivery.

Along with this, he said that an amendment has been approved in the Pakistan Panel Code (Tasirat Pakistan), in which countries where the authorities should not submit due to the fact that there is a death sentence in many crimes in Pakistan, The agreement with regard to the delivery of the contract will not be sentenced to death.

He said that this amendment was therefore necessary for us to return to our ‘robbery and thieves’ at least.

Answering the questions during the news briefing, he said that the case of Altaf Hussain is pending regarding the delivery, it is necessary to bring them back, besides this Ishaq Dar, Hussain Nawaz, Hassan Nawaz, the UK’s gifts to the UK And we want them to be back so that we can complete our investigation.

Along with this, he said that this list is going on a long time, people will hearten it down and there will be plenty of lines after editing the Pakistan panel code.

He said that the EU, Britain and many countries where there is no death sentence in the law and their laws are not to be sent to the accused in such cases where death is death, so we return to those people. Has been proposed.

Regarding the Kartarpur rally, he told that there would be a cultural centre there.

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He said that in today’s meeting, assets could not be allowed and the Amnesty Scheme could be approved, the members felt further discussion needed.

Answering the question on this occasion, he said that the clause is being seen in reference to showing asset and amnesty scheme, but it does not matter if there is no objection to FAF, but the members of the cabinet take objection on it. The Prime Minister has convened a meeting for discussion on which.

Regarding the conversion of ministers, he said that no change would be made when the Prime Minister would announce it.

External forces are involved in terrorism:
Fawad Chaudhary said external forces are involved in terrorism, terrorism has decreased since the National Action Plan, but the entire implementation of the plan will be controlled only terrorism.

In a question related to terrorist incidents, he said that the National Security Committee meeting has been done, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari will not know about it, when such a PPP was the government’s party, such attacks were a lot. I have suffered a lot, but we have to overcome it.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Asif Zardari should take politics, but it is not appropriate that such politics should be done on Quetta, he said.

On the NAB question, he said that the NAB people are already angry with me, but the fact is that there is a difference between courts, prisons, prosecution and removal of the difference is the change of the system, the best efforts of Prime Minister. That’s the same with riches who are with the poor.

Regarding Plagiarism, he said that it is in the law and we are saying that you can return our lost money.

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