farmer robots will be available from the next year in the market.


Sydney Australia: From now on a few years ago, the mention of the Robotic farmers of the Agiras company in the world was very popular, but now it has been able to make more work by equipping it with artificial intelligence (AI).

Swing boots that will be commonly available next year. They are being named Robot Farmer

Before 2016, the robot’s control was controlled by remote control before the farmer robot would be available on a commercial scale. It will also be able to identify crops like grass stomach (Wides), besides the care of crops, fields and flavours.

In the next phase, the robot farmer will be made a robbery cowboy, who will feed cowboys and keep care of the cowboys and leave them to the original news via wireless. The goal of the company to make it is that the roots of crops and livestock are considered to be considered by robots, while the small-scale digital project hand is still working on the project, but the details are not given. However, the company claims it will be in the reach of poor and developing countries.

Instead of AI, it also has the ability to calculate the production of crops. The robotic arm will be mounted on it, by which it will melt the hazardous grass and keep them in harmony with them. In the next phase, crop springs will also do it themselves.

Experts from agricultural self-determination say that in the next ten years, automatic robots and intense decision-making systems will be common on crops and fields. These systems will reduce the burden of farmers and it will also be very reasonable.