Imran Ashraf is winning our hearts


Imran Ashraf is a proficient actor and a virtue of Pakistan Drama Industry. He has appeared in a numeros blockbuster dramas and played some distinct roles that we can never Forget.

Imran Ashraf performed in “Alif Allah or Insan” as Shamo and win our hearts with his efficacious acting and the rating of that darama goes higher and higher.


And our esteemed Bhola who take our hearts is the character who gather so much love from all the fans. People start loving Bhola because of his innocence and purity and Bhola becomes very acclaimed around his fans and this drama is continuously getting high ranking.

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Now Imran Ashraf, after so many positive characters, is doing a negative character “rehan Chaudhry” and people were asking him why he is doing such a negative role and our beloved Imran Ashraf agaij won our hearts by saying that
“Getting great response for rehan but some of my lovely fans asking me why i choose such druggy psycho role so the answer is i am trying to save daugfhters in universities and other instituitions ehere they face people like rehan chaudhry every day. This is my duty as an actor to aware society as much as i can. No means No.”

And his fans are againg showering so much love to him after this post.

And I wish all the good Luck to my personal Favourite Imran Ashraf for “Rehan Chaudhry” , “Bhola” and for “Jaal”.