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Michigan University experts have created a plasma-propelled pipe device

Michigan University experts have created a plasma-propelled pipe device (photography: University of Michigan) to destroy the bacteria.
Numan Rasheed
Written by Numan Rasheed

Michigan:  We know that bacteria and germs occur every time in the air, and can also spread frequent dizziness to the air bill. In this way, a revolutionary filter has been developed, which eliminates 99.9% of the epidemic and germs in the atmosphere.

Michigan University experts have created a plasma-propelled pipe device 

The air viruses, bacterial and other sterilized systems contain the non-thermal plasma, which is made by University of Michigan’s environmental engineer Christa Wagonton and his colleagues. If it is shortened, a one-century old face mask can be replaced by a highly effective bacterial device.

This filter can be called flame which does not have heat because plasma is usually very hot and it is designed to make the electromagnetic reactor. Inside pure oxygen is inserted, which produces the effect of a static electronics. The passage of air passes soon as it is charged. This device looks like a simple pipe in view.

Glasses have panic glasses, and as soon as the power passes through it, the electromagnetic stomach comes out. Finally, it starts becoming ozone gas which is considered to be very important to kill germs. Every gland passes through it in just a few seconds.

Experienced when 97% of E-coli bacteria ended in just 10 seconds when the pipe was contaminated. At the next stage, he destroyed the same virus as well, and this work took place in a quarter break in seconds. In this procedure, the wind blowing through air-conditioned acne, radicals (non-essential atoms) and viruses lose any utility to illness.

You can see in the video that the germination of a disease in a pigmented form has been cleared from this system and the germs have been destroyed in minutes. 

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In the next phase, this system will be able to further use the common man.

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