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Noor Bano is going through Marital abuse?

Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

As we all know, Iqra Aziz in her ongoing drama serial is playing the role of Noor Bano.
The audacious girl who is married to a mentally sick boy “Bhoola”.

According to iqra, Noor Bano is going through marital abuse as she is raped by her mentally ill husband Bhoola and she has to be silent because she has no place to go and live if bhoola left her.

In her recent Instagram post she said that
” One of the most pressing issues today, that we don’t talk about is #maritalabuse Through #ranjharanjhakardi we have tried to highlight this issue, how it affects women physically, mentally and emotionally. They have to fight constantly for their consent. We think of marriage as a binding contract to anything and everything, but marriage is based on trust and love and consent. Consent to live, to breathe, to be able to say ‘NO’”

And Imran Ashraf thinks that Bhoola is a mentally ill guy and all of his behavior is due to medicines.
In his comment on Iqra’s post he said that:
” Well i think bholla is a mentally ill guy he dont know dont understand. All happend because of medicine gave by his chacha brain washing of his freinds dar and shafique. Jisay mumtaz baigam aur aurat mein faraq nahi pata usay aur kia pata hoga … but yes we have to do play on maretal rape most ugliest act of out and every society and iqra you gonna potray it its going to be mega mega impactful thing. I am with you. Because you are the finest “

credits : Twitter.com

Yasir Hussain replied to Imran ashraf comment saying that:
” It’s about @imranashrafawan it’s not about how bhola dose it. Or what were the reasons? It’s about a normal girl who got raped . And there are lots of girls who are victims of this. Shadi ka matlab aurat ko khareedna nahi hai. Aur rape rApe Hota hai normal insaan Kary ya mentally ill. I like when our lead actresses talk about such issues. Good post @iiqraaziz and @imranashrafawan you are a wonderful actor. More power to you both normal girl who got raped.”

credits: @yasir.hussain131/Instagram.com

But their fans have different views about this topic. Some of them thinks that Iqra is right , Noori is maritally abused by her husband but others thinks that it is not considerd in Marital abuse as Noori was full aware of mental condition of Bhoola.

But lets see what is going to happen next in the life of Noori and Bhola and does Noori will break her silent and speak against this abuse.

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