One of the most important discoveries in human history.


One of the most important discoveries in human history.,As long as these lines go through your eyes, the astronomer’s global team has announced an important discovery, perhaps one of the most important discoveries of human history. However, at this time (April 5, 2019), when I am closing this article.

The news in the global media is that a global team of expert astrologers have acquired Black Holes ‘first image’, which will be presented to the world at an international press conference on April 10. The same news is also presented in the style that astronomers have first seen the black hole “watch”.

Is that really Have the scientists taken “see” Black Hole? Is this good news or are we being made an April Fool? In order to know this, we have to get acquainted with the scientific concepts that matter in the stars, the amount of matter (i.e. the stars of this star), belong to the star’s life and death.
Our sun is also a star that removes hydrogen by converting it into helium and other elements. The fact is that if the sun was not there, the existence of life on earth would have been impossible. Well, this is a different topic. Sun came into existence about five billion years ago today, but it is an average level, a normal star, which will be bright enough for more than five billion years. It will be ten billion years as it is. The stars of the same stars are almost the same as stars because they slowly absorb their nutrients (hydrogen and helium).

However, the stars whose commodities are more than the sun, they spend a lot of waste and their fuel fires in just a few million years, in a very short time. The performance of such stars is also very fascinating: some of them are buried in the form of supernova, and a large part of their material becomes “neutron star” after being scattered in space; so no one shrinks It becomes short that “Black Hole” changes.

Black holes are dead stars whose quantity is more than twice the length of our sun when their gravity is so intense that nothing can escape from there … light also no.

Try to understand this. If you are at the moon level and want to escape from the gravity of the moon then you will have to move upright at 2.38 km per second. This speed in science language is called “escape velocity”.

The speed escape for the earth is much higher than that, ie 11.2 km per second because the Earth’s share is too high compared to the moon. Mars’s value is less than our land, so the speed for Mars is just 5 kilometres per second. The overall speed of the solar system for Jupiter (Jupiter) is estimated at 59.3 km per second.

The amount of our Sun is more than twice as many as Jupiter, so the speed of 617.7 km per second will be required to escape from the surface of sunrise (ie, the sun gravity) will be required to escape from there. The existence must move at least 617.7 km (in the opposite direction of the sun) in seconds. Come on to Black Holes.

According to Ain Stein’s theory, the universe is the fastest “light”; that is, anything or material, can not move on the speed of light (when the speed of light in the sky is 300,000 km) There is a second chance of speed in the universe (per second). That is, if black holes cannot escape light, nothing can escape from there. Now that the “watch” depends on anything, it is on the “light” that reaches us, and black holes can not be removed from any light, so in principle, we are black holes Can not see “see”.

Here it is important to describe that the light is counted on electromagnetic radiations (electromagnetic radiations); and in this type of radius only red, ultra-violet, radio waves, x-ray and gym rays Are included.

Hopefully it has become clear here:

However, the effects of severe gravity of Blackhole are limited to a specific area around it called “Event Horizon”. If we are using simple words, we can understand the “horoscope” of a black hole, when the horoscope is used. Going away from the horizontal horizon, black hole’s gravity graduation is reduced; therefore the effects of attractive gravity from a black hole to such ancestors are so modest that they can be felt even more difficult.

But the black hole has a lot on the “border”. They start increasing their speeds (such as surrounding and gas wide-ranging clouds) that are moving toward a black hole, as they approach near the horizontal horizons and they are “around the black hole”. Stirring on the way, the horizons start closer to the horizons. Each cycle increases its speed, even when they reach the same horizontal horizon.

Due to great speed, the energy of these plants also becomes very high and with them (with light) different types of radicals begin to disappear … and as soon as they fall within the black hole from the horizontal horoscope. At the same time, by eliminating the Great Execution, they lose forever in the Blackhole. That’s why experts say Astronomy In Xeric as “the last screaming of the fall in the black hole”. It has been confirmed by the detailed observation of the two (Binary) stars named “Cygnus X-1”. There is a small star in the stars of the stars, which the rising gas is rapidly moving towards an uninterrupted location … and it is disappearing. However, at the time of disappearance, severe exposures are also expelled.

If talking about “knowledgeable science sources”, the expertise of astrology international team is that they have a very useful and exciting “horizontal horizon” with the help of extravagant radios in the black hole. Clearly reflected.

In other words, it is also said that the discovery of this is from a very large, “supermassive” black hole in the centre of our “Countryway Galaxy”. It is estimated that the value of this black hole is approximately 45 million times higher than our sun when it is seen in the “Bridge Ground” (see the earth). Therefore, its name is also called “Sagittarius A-Star”, which shows that it is actually a source of radio rays.

Global plans for research on Black Hole include “Event Horizon Telecom Scope” (EHT), with hundreds of powerful and metaphysical telescopes in one place, together in a coordinated manner. It is believed that specialists related to the EHT have made an overview and work of Black Holes ‘eventual horizons’ in the centre of our homepage Galaxy. Some news also shows that the composition of this incident horizon is like a Doughnut or a pierced Regular Khani.

If you are thinking that in the centre of our Galaxy Galaxy, the detailed observation of the events surrounding the Black Hole that is 45 million more than Sun, is quite common, it is clear that these are not ordinary black holes. We have learned a lot with a certain confidence about black holes made of stars, but the “Super Messy Black Holes” matter has become a matter of fun.

The summary of what we have learned so far about the incredible assurance of Super Messy Black Holes is that black gales have been discovered in many galaxies, so far apart from unusual exertions Radio rays are also expanding. Due to this severe emission, they are also called “active galactic nuclei” or “acne”. It is believed that Black Holes would have played a key role in the evolution of Galaxies. But how did this super Massive Black Holes come into existence? Currently, we do not know anything from the legacy.

Under some recent assumptions, it is believed that these Black Holes would be the result of the parallel distribution of the material in the early times of universe, which ultimately contributed to the evolution and evolution of the galaxies. However, we do not have any evidence of these assumptions.

However, detailed observation of the incident horizons associated with Super Massive Black Hole, located in the centre of the Galaxy station, can bring us some final result of correct or wrong of these assumptions. Whether it is announced or not, it should be noted that scientists have not received any “picture” of Black Hole, but they are observing the most interesting details of the “horizontal horizons” associated with the black hole. I have been working in … and believe that after Haggo Boons and Secondary Waves, this is the third most important discovery of the present century.