Scientists released the first picture of Black Hole


Brussels: Today is an important day of scientific history because scientists have shown the image of Black Holes and its shadow for the first time in astronomical history.

At the press conference in Brussels, astronauts, engineers and optical astrologers addressing a fascinating press conference, he said that he has obtained the first image of a giant jasmine (Supermoas) black hole whose data is available on the planet There are eight different telescopes located in different places, which are named as ‘Event Horizon Telescope’ (EHT) network. These telescopes were designed for the image of Black Holes and especially Event Horizons. In addition to this, Atakama Larger MMR (Ema), located in Atakama, Chile, is located in, Chile.

According to experts, this Blackhole is present at the same centre of Galaxy Mersey 87. The black hole’s (Mass) is about six billion times bigger than our sun, which is located five million and a half-year (light air) distance from our land.
The importance of this discovery can be gauged that the prestigious journal journalism journalists have published 6 research articles in which there are pictures of the black hole and other details, and interestingly, all the articles open source Are available free of charge.

Some Black Holes

It is clear that in the United States, one such press conference was held in collaboration with Harvard University and the National Science Foundation.

Experts have told about the black hole image that it looks like around bracelet. But its lower part is bright and thick. The reason for this is that Yatu or bright substance walks around the event of the Black Hole event, or is black surroundings in itself, or both of them are walking clockwise.

Speaking at the American National Science Foundation’s functioning event, Dr Sheep Dulmmann, head of the EHH, said that Black Hole has made the whole world well. He said that the substance, gas, plasma and other items fall on the horoscope of the Black Holes eventually hot. Experts have described it as a volcanic circle. As the dark circle inside the picture itself is showing Event Horizon.

Dr Sheep said that black holes have unmatched significance in the universe structure and according to this, this discovery will also help new research on the general theory of addiction to the ion stain.

EHT Plan:

The sensitive telecom scopes spread around the globe form a virtual telescope for the entire earth, according to its decomposition parabolic antenna. That is why specialists have been working on it for a decade and their data is added to the black holes and other elements.

Scientists said that the data of the telescope in the whole world was reviewed without any prejudice or pre-thought, and soon the entire data will be posted for the global scientific community. This picture was seen from several places for six days continuously and it continued to be it’s own.

From now on, in the first month of April, all the telescope saw a black hole at a distance of 5 million, whose image has been released and the released picture is in the similarity of optical physics.

If the researchers of this research will be seen, you will see 200 authors – 200 scientists have played their role in this year’s research.