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Cybernet is bringing up to 96TB/s open access submarine cable

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To enhance the capacity of Pakistan’s Internet Infrastructure, Cybernet was a treaty between Pakistan and the Peace Cable International.

According to this statement, the country’s first career among the Naval Open Exchange Submarine Cable System (Disassembled Cable) between Pakistan and East Asia Connecting Europe (Peace) and Cable International Network Company Limited and Cyber ​​Internet Services Private Limited (Cybernet Pakistan) System), signed Cairo agreement to increase the capacity of Internet Infrastructure for up to 96TB/s.

With a step in Pakistan, Djibouti, Egypt, Kenya and France, a cash cable system will provide mutual interconnect between Economic, Economic, Asia, Europe and Africa.

According to the statement, this 12 thousand km long private cable system will provide ‘open, flexible and career neutral services to consumers’, while the first phase of the project will be added to Asia, Europe and Africa and its first quarter of 2020 Hope to finish.

At the same time, this project will enable the gigabit speed for the local population and will help users in Pakistan and neighbouring countries meet the widespread demand for mobile and fixed broadband.

The announcement further states that this system has been made to adopt this modern 200G technology and WSS technology, which will have the ability to transfer more than 16 Tb per fibre per second and it will increase the growing regional needs Is done

It is clear that Cybernet is a cash cable landing station partner in Pakistan and will set up a Pakistan-Pakistan Cable Landing Station (CLS) and will see its operation.

In addition, Cybernet will also build Pakistan’s first career neutral cable station for a cash cable by March 2020.

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Speaking at the signing ceremony of the agreement, Cybernet Pakistan CEO, Danish Lakhani said that the ‘underground cable system will have’ wide impact on the digital scenario in Pakistan ‘.

He explained that its highly designed design will reduce the time of transit between Pakistan and France for 90 milliseconds, besides the Internet connection application will improve the time of time and improve our customer experience.

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