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Javed Iqbal and The hundred of smiles

Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

Shamoon Abbasi is a pakistani actor who is notorious for playing the roles of Villains. But now he is going to play a reality-based character “Javed Iqbal” in Javed Iqbal and The hundred of smiles.

credits: shammon abbasi/Instagram

This is a web series inspired by the story of Javed Iqbal who was a serial killer and murder 100 boys.

In december 1999, he confess his misdemeanor due to his guilt and wrote a letter to police in which he profess the murder of 100 boys all of the age between 6 and 16. Afterwards he got arrested by police and was penalized to death by hanging.

But on october 8, he commit suicide and died in Lahore.

credits: parhlo.com

Shamoon abbasi talking about the project said that:
” I have been thinking about this project for quite a long time and now we have also got the rights to tell this story, so all this would have heard, but we described it in professional style. “

Shamoon Abbasi is started working on this web series and hope that the”Javed Iqbal and The hundred of smiles” will come out as ghastly life story and the teaser of this web story is expected to come out in middle of Ramzan.

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