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“Yaariyan” magic is getting over the heart

Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

GEO TV is getting high ratings because of their new drama serial Yaariyan.
GEO got 9.1 TRP’s for Yaariyan featuring Ayeza Khan, Junaid Khan, Momal Sheikh and Muneeb butt. Ayeza khan and junaid khan are in lead roles.

The first episode was on aired on 19 April 2019 and people give so much love to them and the magic of Yaarian started since its first episode.

The story of Yaariyan revolved around two sisters, one is happy with his marriage and accepted it but the other sister is unhappy with her marriage.

Ayeza khan in an interview told about the story saying that:
” My character falls hard in love with a man but ends up getting married to someone else. Unfortunately, she cannot accept the person she married and because of that unhappiness, she doesn’t let the man she’s married to be happy either. “


Momal Sheikh is playing a positive character and Ayeza Khan’s character is not even negative but at some times she becomes selfish in drama.

Lets see what will happen next in Yarriyan because agy agy dekhye hota hai kya 😉

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