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Another Pakistani Horror Movie ‘Katakasha’

Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi
Kataksha Official Teaser

The Pakistani filmmaker is based on Abu Dhabi’s second film ‘Kakashasha’ Durrani story, whose official teaser came in front of.

This year, a video was shared with the fans to bring the first line of the film, which showed that some youths are sitting in a car from where their journey will begin.

While now this new taser shows that these youngsters get on a journey, after which they arrive in an orbit and there are strange things happening there.

Katakasha Poster

It is difficult to guess the story from this new movie taser, but it can be said that in the place where these young ones arrive, they are not right in place.

Remember that this is the second film of Abu Al-Ahahah before he has made a movie called ‘Arif’, which was made by Karachi’s girl’s life.

Salim Miraj, Kiran Tabir, Nimra Shahid, Qasim Khan and Nabeel Gabol will appear in the ‘Katakasha‘ movie.

The film’s release date has not been announced yet, but the news is that its trailer will be released soon, with which the release of the movie will also appear.

It is believed that before the director had told him about his film, he had to face more problems than making the first movie ‘Arif’ in making him the film.

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