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The Price of one plus 7 is start from 700 Euro

Ehtisham ul Hassan
Written by Ehtisham ul Hassan

here’s no information regarding the vanilla OnePlus seven, however it ought to be getting ready to the costs of the OnePlus 6T, that launched at €630 for the 8/256GB model, same value because the 8/256GB OnePlus half dozen 0.5 a year before it (of course, those were the top-specced models previously, the bottom models were cheaper).

Keep in mind that (according to rumors) the professional model can have a bigger screen with 90Hz refresh rate and QHD+ resolution (vs. 60Hz 1080p+ for the non-Pro), a triple camera (with 3x zoom) in conjunction with different variations, as well as a bigger battery and quicker charging. and the supplementary price of the pop-up camera mechanism.

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