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NASA released the first recording of the Mars earthquake

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Pedestrian, California: The NASA’s latest space exploration, “Insight Mars lander “, has recorded the ‘Mars Quake thundering sound ‘ for the first time in human history.

Experts have named it ‘Mars Quake’, the Mars earthquake, which shows that the Red Planet Mars is still geologically active. Earlier, experts had said that the shocking earthquake struck Mars is going on or outside of the internal zones, and now it has been confirmed.

Scientists believe we can understand its internal geological structure by knowing the deadly earthquakes. Insight spacecraft hit Mars last year in November, it is designed specifically to provide Mars’s internal news. Built-in equipped with modern equipment, the interior temperature of Mars is designed for research, soil quality, rotation and earthquake activities. The Mars earthquake can increase our information on this mysterious planet.

Siamak Experiment for Interior Structure (SEIS) installed in the institute recorded the first sound of the Mars earthquake on April 6, on which experts are very happy. Philip Logon, head of the SEIS team, said, “For many months we were waiting for this signal.” It is pleasing to know that Mars is still geologically active and will also help in knowing Mars’s inner status. “

But experts have also felt three more shocking quakes, but their intensity is very weak. Now, if luck fails, such earthquakes will continue to happen further, and thus will help Mars understand. Bruce Bennett, the main science-related science scientists, has yet to record his background on Mars, but for the first time, we are heading to the Mars Zilly’s observation.

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