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AirLink Communication and Huawei Technologies Partnership for a Cloud Data Center in Pakistan.

Numan Rasheed
Written by Numan Rasheed

Air-Link Communication and Huawei Technologies have partnered with the Cloud Data Center in Pakistan. This historic agreement was recently held on the occasion of Clean China Trade and Investment Forum in Beijing. Cloud will be named Huawei Air Link, and this is the first such contribution to Pakistan.

The core center of this agreement is to introduce global IT solutions and infrastructure, to bring a revolution in Pakistan’s media and finance industries. Air Link Communications has been the airline partner in Pakistan since 2012. This agreement is a strong business relationship between the two companies.

Airlink CEO Muzaffar Hayat Prakash, appreciating historical relations between the two companies, said that Air link believes in delivering the best IT solutions in Pakistan and will continue its role in the economic growth and growth of Pakistan.

He further added that Air Link Communication will further strengthen our relationship with Huawei technologies in other fields in the near future. Air-CEO said air-communication cooperation will find more solutions for the media and finance industry and will work for the convenience of high-quality platform such as global exchange, OTT, etc.

The exchange will be made. He said that the main material will provide wind-fire agility services along with Sangin in the finance industry, besides providing business investment and service intelligence services to further development in the field of technology. Will be

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