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Facebook made a big change quietly

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Facebook users around a billion people around the world daily, but most of them did not know a major change in the website of this popular social network.

Yes, Facebook quietly changed its most important feature, but millions of people did not even know it, although this change is in front of their eyes.

If you do not even know, keep your mouse arrow on the light button and just.

Yes, Facebook has changed its light buttons or reactions with third diagrams, their colour and animation have been improved.

This change last week’s software engineer Jen Man Cheng Wong, who looked at the upcoming changes to social media networks, said in a comment.

twitter: @wongmjane
Old Emojis
Source: wired.com

But now the company has implemented it and thus has changed its light button after three and a half years.

There are still 6 emotions in facebook reactions that include thumbnail, hart, haha, wow, cd, and angry.

Reactions have been made more improved after the recent changes in the Facebook algorithms, while the company is now going to make changes in messaging reactors.

By the way, Facebook’s new emojis are not too big, but a lot of fun experience will be useful for Facebook users.

Earlier, the report was revealed that the Facebook News Feed and Stores are making a swingable hybrid.

If Facebook processes this change, users will be able to see the content of the news feed by clicking the right or left swipe instead of top-scroll-down screens.

It’s a big change in Facebook but not surprising because Facebook is paying attention to stores.

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Similarly, the option of Messenger on the mobile app from Facebook is also being integrated into the main app again.

Facebook introduced Messers as an autonomous app in 2011 and ended up with the chat app in the Facebook app in 2014, the Messenger was made mandatory.

Now 5 years later, Facebook is working to gather Messenger, Instagram and Wats app, then the chat feature is also back on the main app.

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