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Samsung’s Announced New Vertical TV Named Sero

Numan Rasheed
Written by Numan Rasheed

What is the favorite device of today’s youth? Of course smartphones.

At least Samsung seems to have introduced a new television that looks like a smartphone.

Yes, the 43-inch TV named Sero has been prepared to keep in mind the current covenant that is a vertical (vertical) design.

And it is not necessary to say that most mobile content is vertical and Samsung says that the design of this TV will encourage youngsters to watch videos or other content on TV instead of smartphones.

With this, a 60-watt speaker, stand and rear design have been given, and the company hopes that it will be a beautiful furniture piece with television music streaming hub.

Well, this TV can be used to watch programs like a mobile television, rather than a virtual video.

But when a user is not using it as a traditional TV or a big smartphone, it can also be used as a large digital photo frame or music visualizer.

This also includes Samsung’s Digital Assistant BexB and will be offered for sale in South Korea at the end of May.

Interestingly, this new TV is currently available between the console and the original device because the company has announced its price and sale history, but it also referred to it as a congress TV.

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