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“AllahYar and The Legend Of Markhor” released on Netflix

Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

The Pakistani animated film, ‘Allah Yar and the Legend of Markhor’, was released on February 25, in the last year.

The South Asia International Film Award award is made to highlight the difficulties of animals in Pakistan’s northern areas and the problems of Pakistan’s national Animal Markhor.

Allah Yar and the Legend of Markhor showed an unexpected group was united in the wilderness in the northern areas of Pakistan and stop two hunter-makers (Ali Noor) and his companion Bablu Chaacha (Arib Azhar) from the hunting.

This group consists of lesser heroes Allah Yar (Anima Zaidi), its passionate Markhor friend Mehro (Natasha Humaira Ejaz), Checko (Abdul Kabami Jamali) and a heart-throwing hero (Azfar Jafri).

Interesting role in the 90-minute film and exciting scenes of Northern Territories make fans laugh and listen to the performers who sound voice roles.

The director of the movie is Azhar Zaheer Khan and he also wrote its story.

AllahYar and the legend Markhor not only achieved the attention of children but the elders and the film had earned more than $ 5 million on the box office.

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