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Samsung faces a 60% drop in profits, still plans foldable phones

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A few weeks ago, Samsung told the investors that the first quarter of the company’s profit could be less than 60% lower than the first quarter of 2018.

Now Samaji has issued a detailed report, which has confirmed Sam Sangh’s entries. In this quarter, Samsung’s operating perfume was $ 5.4 billion. Samsung’s memory chip business income also got 23% lower.
Samsung also faced a decrease in profit in the mobile and consumer electronics division.

Samsung says the sales of the latest flagship Galaxy S10, as well as the sales of the Midnight A Series smartphones, have been quite good. The company hopes that the demand for smartphones will be increased in the next quarter.

Samsung did not mention the Galaxy Fold in its report.

The launch of the Galaxy Fold Samsung has paused. The new launch date of this phone is expected to be announced in the next few weeks. Samsung hopes Foldable Devices will increase profits of the company’s display division in the future. The company believes that they will maintain their position in the market with Foldable Devices, Galaxy Note and FYG.

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