Facebook has announced to completely replace its own site and app

source: Business Insider

Facebook has announced to completely replace its main mobile app, which will focus on 2 important feature events and groups.

A blog at the company’s annual F8 conference was told in the mobile app that groups and clubs will now be replaced as Facebook users want.

Similar events will also be updated as part of the most used app.

The company said that millions of groups are active on Facebook at this time and when people find their choice group, they become the most meaningful part of the app for them.

The blog was told that more than 40 million people present on Facebook are affiliated with groups and keeping this idea in mind, we are introducing a new Facebook design that will be simple while communities Will be given

We are also introducing new tools that will make people easy to discover and connect to their interest groups.

According to Facebook mobile rehearsals are being offered instantly for IOS and Android users worldwide, while the company is working to design desktop also, which came in front of people in the coming months.

This will be the biggest changes group, which will be in the middle of the menu bar and clicking on it will allow consumers to move to the feed containing multiple groups’ updates, as well as suggestions for new groups.

In addition, a new feature mate new franchise will also be introduced so that people can connect to the common interest alien people.

This is the first time the focus on Facebook is reducing attention, which is the biggest source of advertising revenue, but also the biggest reason for data privacy issues.