YouTube music can now play local music files in Android


Google is ending its playlist music form for YouTube music. Google introduced feature music files to play music on mobile music for Android users.

It seems YouTube Music will soon be YouTube’s only music application.
According to reports, Local Music Integration has been added to YouTube music.

This feature has been included in the Library tab. From this feature, users can play secure files in the mobile’s internal storage and SD card.

Earlier in Google’s update, the music file opened on the phone, it could be playback in Google’s new Music Streaming app, but this app did not have built-in Local Content Browser. The latest update can be played by local music on YouTube.

When launching a Local Content Browser on YouTube, it displays a message, which is said that these songs can be played themselves, but they can not be included in a playlist or series list with YouTube music songs. They cannot be cast on other devices too.

These restrictions seem to be very strange but Google may also send them in the future.

A lack of YouTube music is transferred to the YouTube Music Library in the YouTube Music Library. Maybe this feature may also be included in YouTube music.

Local Music Browser is not released for users worldwide. It looks like Google will enable it on the server side.