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The world’s first foldable and flexible phone.

Numan Rasheed
Written by Numan Rasheed

A company named Innosaem has recently introduced its conceptual smartphone, which is in the initial stages of development. The feature of this phone is that it will also be foldable and flexible. It will be so flexible that the size of its screen will be enhanced too. The company claims that they will soon give this phone the concept of reality.

The South Korea company, Anosimm, has filed its own rights-ownership application in its own country so that the phone can be given the truth.

If this phone is set to the fact, future folded mobile phones will be used to open them with a larger screen. So once you open the folded mobile phone, its screen will grow bigger and the second time it will be further expanded.

The company says that the phone will be 5 inches when it is folded. When the phone is opened, its screen will be up to 6.5 inches while it can be dragged to display 8.9 inches. 

If the company succeeded in making this phone, then people will be interested in it. They would like to buy an essential phone that is in 5 inches but can extend its size to 8 to 9 inches.

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