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Google is experiencing shopping links under YouTube videos

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Google is offering shopping links under YouTube videos. The company is displaying the suggested products on a price based on its video sharing platform.

Apparently similar experimental ads have appeared below the video of Nike. Clicking on this redirects to the Google Express Marketplace to complete the purchase. Many of the new retailers are joining the Express.
Early this year, Google also showed ads for sale in Google search to search for images.

The company says they are increasing their shopping business from such advertisements.

As a result of the increase in the Amazon Advertising Business, Google thinks they should try other sources for income. Gog gives enough discount on selling the goods from their platform express.

In 2018 express revenue was less than $ 1 billion, while Amazon had done $ 141 billion in North America last year.

Google has held a function called Google Marketing Live in the month of the month, while Google’s IO Conference will be held next week. This event can announce some of Google’s YouTube videos regarding shopping links.

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