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Nasir Khan Jan’s controversy, Show hosts are facing criticism

Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

Nasir Khan Jan, who got the reputation by sharing videos on social media, was invited to interview on a private TV channel, while the show host hosted a very inappropriate and controversial attitude with the guest.

Nasir Khan Jan has been asked various questions related to his videos and their work, in the private TV channel’s Morning Show ‘New Day’.

But the pattern of questioning these questions was trickier, hard-to-use words and inappropriate words were used by both hosts.

However, when the social media star started answering these questions, host Kiran Aftab and Mohammad Shoaib criticized Nasir’s words and criticized him for making videos, while Nasir Khan Jan did not have any chance to answer any questions given.

The host was strongly criticized by consumers and the users accused of hostile behavior on the video of this broadcasting video on social media.

On an occasion in the show, Muhammad Shoaib criticized him for his pictures without a shirt on social media, moreover, he said that its a matter of fun for Nasir but not for him.

On the same hand, a user came on Twitter, in which he posted pictures of several big and famous male actors in which they were without a shirt.

Social media user criticized the show hosts and asked them to ask the actors in the same way in which they were doing Nasir Khan Jan and if they could not do it then ask for forgiveness from Nasir on National TV.

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On one occasion at the show, when Nasir said himself as a social media star, the host asked that ‘You are a self-formed star?’, When Nasir responded to him that he was popular on social media, the host Contradictory said Nasir that users on social media give cheeks to them.

When Nasir Khan said that his family was proud of him, hosting also expressed his surprise.

It is clear that at the end of his segment Mohammad Mohammad Shoaib also said that he criticized Nasir and it was only because of such severe criticism that Nasir Khan Jan was very patient and responded with the patience of social media. Should also take care of it.

However, on social media users criticized the private channel, saying that they should not invite even if they do not have to respect their guests on the show.

Remember that this is not the first event when a host has invited inappropriate behavior to invite guests to their show.

Earlier, a leading TV anchor, Amir Liaqat, invited the singer Tahir Shah to his program in 2016, where Amir Liaqat did not only make fun of Tahir Shah and his songs, but had an extremely inappropriate attitude with the singer.

After this incident, Amir Liaqat had to face severe criticism on social media.

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