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ZTE Blade A7 was presented in just $ 90

Ehtisham ul Hassan
Written by Ehtisham ul Hassan

Other companies in the market of cheap smartphones will now have to compete with ZTE. ZTE introduces a smartphone ZTE BLADE A7. This phone pre-order has started. This smartphone harder is the main type. It has Helo-P 60 chipset. This phone has the same 16-megapixel cake. This phone’s price is 599 yuan or 90 dollars or 80 euros.

This phone has two memory options presented with 2 GBB / 32GB storage and 3GB BH / 64GB storage. This phone has a 6.1 inch LCD with a touch screen and top bass. There is no fingerprint sensor on the phone. The phone’s 5-megapixel cell phone camera also has Face unlock and AI features.

This phone has Android and Windows 8.1 MiFavor 9.0 UI installed. This phone is presented in blue. Its 2GB model is worth $ 9, but the 3GB model is less than 699 yuan or less than $ 100. The supply of this phone will start on May 17.

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