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Azhar Rehman said on the film ‘Chhalawa’

Azhar Rehman said on the film 'Chhalawa'
Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

The film “Chhalawa” has been related to the filmmaker, who is the main actor with Mehwish Hayat in the film.

Actor Azhar Rehman told a website that the movie ‘Chhalawa’ is a movie full of romance based on a girl and a cruel society. It has been shown in the film how these couples celebrate their families for the sake of marrying the struggles.

The film, music, entertainment, and dance in the film, said, “My film is closer to my real life in the movie Samir is a passionate and passionate person.” If he is happy then he will be happy and if he is sad when he gets angry. This character consists of a lot of personalities. And I got my great time to play this role.
It is clear that in the film ‘Chhalawa‘, Wajahat Rauf a renowned actor, Mehwish Hayat and Azhar Rehman are playing the main role. The movie will be celebrated on Eid ul-Fitr this year in cinemas.


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