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Details of 275 million Indians’ Consumer Database has been leaked

Details of 275 million Indians' Consumer Database has been leaked
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Security has revealed a public database of 275 million Indian users. Security researcher Bob Diachenko has only found out the database for Shodan Search Risks and has just visited this database.

Shuden is a search engine but it is contrary to Google and Bing connected to the internet and the public access and devices available in the public Indexes The shields appear regularly on the shelve to the leaked database by regular webcam.

Shawn did the first time entry of the database in the form of Mono DD on April 23, 2019. These database records include details of users’ names, gender, email addresses, job history, current employer name, current salary and mobile phone numbers.

Bob told in a blog post that seeing the database could not find out about its owner. Bob estimates that this is the result of database data scheduling operations.

The most dangerous aspect of the public database is that the worker does not know how they are risking millions of people’s privacy. There was also a database showing last month, with details of 80 million American household users, but none of its owners knew.

Bob had discovered another database in September, 43.5 GB data was listed in the user’s email addresses and home addresses. Details of the owner did not fit. The researchers have been searching for a long public database.

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