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Load Wedding is representing Pakistan in Asian Film and Tv Week Festival

Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

Load Wedding starring Fahad Mustafa And Mehwsih Hayat is all set to open Asian Film and TV Week Festival in China on May 17.

At this time Amir Khan and Majid Majidi are also present there to represent their countries and Nabeel Qureshi maker of Load Wedding and Fiza Ali Meerza are representing Pakistan in the festival.

Nabeel Qureshi shared this news in a tweet on his social media account.
“We are in China for ASIAN FILM & TV WEEK Filmmakers from all Asian countries represented their country including AAMIR KHAN FROM INDIA, MAJID MAJIDI FROM IRAN, FIZZA ALI MEERZA FROM PAKISTAN Load Wedding is opening the Asian Film Week Festival in Guangzhou on17th, Beijing on 18”

Load Wedding is an amorous social film with a message to stand abreast the customs of dowry which demolishes the life of a number of middle-class girls.

credits: youlinmagzine.com

The story of the film is written by Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Meerza.
Load Wedding is directed by Nabeel Qureshi and Produced by Fiza Ali Meerza under the banner of Filmwala pictures.

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