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Facebook Re-introduced “View as Public” Feature

Facebook Re-introduced View as Public Feature
Numan Rasheed
Written by Numan Rasheed

Facebook has announced two new changes on its platform. The first change is the refund of Facebook View as Public feature. From this feature, users can review their profile in a way that looks like ordinary people.

In addition, the company has also added the Edit Public Details option to the profile.

From this feature, users will be able to quickly change their profile details.
View As Public Features have ended in 2018. Due to the termination of this, it was a failure to regain consumer privileges. Facebook had just dropped this error but this feature took more than 6 months to return again.

Today, we’re making it easier for people to manage their publicly visible information on Facebook with two updates: (1) we’re bringing back the “View As Public” feature and (2) we’re adding an “Edit Public Details” button directly to profiles.

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