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Gmail is busy to collecting all online purchases

Gmail is busy to collecting all online purchases
Written by Mr Salman

Largest technology companies faced various scandals regarding consumer data violations in recent years.

On this month, Google claimed that in the fifth annual developer’s conference, Google has been providing more easily to customers for controlling their activity data.

But now a CNBC report has brought a page from Google as far as accessible or not accessible to users.

This is called the name of the Retail Page and is accessible through Google Purchases Activity

It preserves all the data that you buy from online companies, which automatically scans through Google Gmail receipts and saves this setting page.

In the statement given to the CNBC, Google confirmed that this page can only be viewed by users and they can always delete their information at any time.

Google said that we do not use any information contained in Gmail messages for advertising and includes email invoices that email format on any purchase from an online company such as Amazon or others.

But it has years of old information and it seems that Google has access to the aspects of user life and whether it is limited to you, but it automatically becomes a high-profile card on Google Assistant. Directions are determined on Google’s Personal Input or Google Maps.

Users can delete this data but this work is done by one, one by one and at the same time all option is not allowed to blow up data.

According to Google, users can turn off this tracking, but there is no such link to such control in the page, however, Google said they were working on simplifying settings.

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