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No harassment was made to Meesha Shafi in Jamming session

Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

During the hearing on the claim of honor against the singer Meesha Shafi, the witnesses presented by Ali Zafar have submitted the statement, saying no incident has been reported in the jamming session.

The hearing was filed against the singer Meesha Shafi, head of Lahore session judge Judge Amjad Ali Shah.

During that time, Ali Zafar presented in his verdict of his other witnesses in the court, who separately submitted their statement in court.

In the statement, the singers included guitarist Asad Ahmed, the musician Kashif Chaman, Keyboard Player Joshowa Keith, Base Player Mohammad Ali, Drummer Qaiser Zain, singer Aqsa Ali and composer Mohammad Taqi.

It is believed that regarding the jamming session, Meesha Shafi, who accused Ali Zafar of being harassed, all the people were present there, the Jamming session was held on February 22, 2017.

Kashif Chaman, a musician in his statement, who recently performed with Pepsi Beetle with Meesha Shafi, told the court that he was present in the jamming session and there was no harassment incident.

According to Guitarist Asad Ahmed, everyone’s focus was on Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar during the jamming session, but as Meesha Shafi claimed no such event was presented there.

During the hearing, the court also sought the order of the Supreme Court from Ali Zafar lawyer, on which the singer’s lawyer told the court that he did not receive the order of the Supreme Court.

Remember, in connection with this case, two Witnesses have already written their statements Baqar Abbas and Kanza Munir in court.

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Later, on May 29, the court adjourned the hearing of the testimony of the witnesses on the testimonial of Meesha Shafi’s lawyer.

Meesha Shafi – Ali Zafar case

The dispute between the two artists came in April 2018 when Meesha Shafi had allegedly harassed Ali Zafar in a twist sexually and claimed that Ali Zafar had sexually harassed her at such times when She became the mother of two children and well-known singer.

However, Ali Zafar dismissed all his allegations and declared it a conspiracy against himself.

Later, Misha Shafia filed a petition for sexual harassment against Ali Zafar, and in response, Ali Zafar also filed a claim to surrender 100 crores against the singer.

And both of them are hearing this in Lahore session and the Lahore High Court has directed the subordinate court to hear the verdict after three months in witnesses.

After appearing in a few days before, Ali Zafar spoke to the media and once again declared the allegations of Misha Shafi, and said that “Meesha Shafi” targeted him under a planned plan.

After Zafar’s alleged planned plan for Meesha Shafi, the singer sent a notice to Ali Zafar to pay Rs 200 crore and demanded him to apologize within 15 days.

Apart from this, Mishra Shafi filed a separate petition filed against the witnesses, on which the Supreme Court on May 9 hearing on an appeal against the verdict of the Lahore High Court’s verdict and dissolution Had it

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