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Veena Malik is ready to host “Pakistan star”

Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

Veena Malik has announced to host a reality TV show from Bol TV “Pakistan star, dum hai to jeeto”. It is a talent hunt show and it will start right after Eid.

Actress Veena Malik has long disappeared from the screens, but now she is ready to do something new in her career.

Well, Veena has become a part of many reality shows, but it will be the first time she will also host a reality show.

Veena became a part of the Indian Reality Show Big Boss in 2010, she recently revealed that she is shooting a reality show for the Bol TV.

Speaking to Dawn, the actress said, ‘This is a reality show where we will find new talent for acting, singing, dance, and comedy’.

credits: Instagram.com

Veena Malik further said that Hamza Ali Abbasi, Kubra Khan, and Javed Shaikh will be the judges.

“There are not many acting and dancing schools in Pakistan, but there is no lack of talent in Pakistan, 90 percent of youth are learning the art that is not getting professional training,” the actress said.

Regarding participating in the reality show, the actress said, “It will be an earlier version, we have received 15000 entries so far, we have not declared any official yet, but hopefully this show Advertising will start after the Eid ‘.

credits: Instagram.com

Regarding the shooting of the reality shows, Veena said that she has been working with Javed Sheikh after a decade and she is very excited, both of them worked together in the movie ‘Ye dil ap ka Hua’.

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Veena will share the screen for the first time with actor Hamza Ali Abbasi and Kubra Khan.

“People ask me if I like movies, plays or shows, so I want to tell that I did not work in too many plays in my career, I always have movies. And liked to work in reality shows.

This show will be on-aired after eid.

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