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Rakhi Sawant vituperate Indians over Modi’s victory

Rakhi Sawant vituperate Indians over Modi's victory
Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

Indian Actress Rakhi Sawant seems unpleased with the victory of Modi Sarkar as she vituperates Indians to vote for BJP and cast them into elections.

BJP has got a clear edge in the parliamentary election of India. On the win of Modi where Bollywood stars are being congratulated, actress Rakhi Sawant released a satirical video, while taking the hands of the masses to vote for the BJP, instead of greeting the sun.

At the beginning of the video, Rakhi Sawant said in a deliberate statement that Modi had already said that we have come to the very good days. Thank you very much to vote for Modi, now everyone’s life will be good now, no corruption in the country It will happen, because Modi had promised only that he would neither eat nor eat.

Rakhi Sawant criticized Modi for the past five years and said that Modi’s previous government was so good that neither women nor women abducted, corruption, nor stolen in the country, Modi’s government The country is upright. I am very happy that our good days have come now, now everyone will have a good job, all will progress.

It is clear that India, where the world’s largest democracy claims, is more than half of its population living below poverty. Modi had made a lot of promises before elections, including the restoration of unemployment, unemployment, etc. besides India, but even after five years, India is the same where people are also deprived of basic needs.

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