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Ayesha Omar unveiled her fitness secret

Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

Pakistani actress Ayesha Omar has a special reputation in the industry due to her fitness and physical dynamics, and for the first time the actress has picked up the curtains of her fitness.

Ayesha Omar recently released a brief video on her official YouTube channel, which she locked up with the secrets of her attractive personality and maintaining fitness.

The actress is shown in the video giving the answers of questions asked by her fitness trainer Nusrat.

The actress revealed that she do not make any diet to fit herself.

Actress-Photo: Instagram, I eat Dansey instead of the brawler
credits: @ayesha.m.omar/Instagram.com

According to Ayesha Omar, people think that I diet, but in fact, I do not do any such thing, but I eat all the time and I do not believe in the Diet Plan.

In response to a question, Ayesha Omar said that she does not eat breeders, she needs desi chicken and she eats mutton and beef if she does not get desi chicken.

Aisha does not die properly, Aisha Age-Photos: Instagram
credits: @ayesha.m.omar/Instagram.com

The actress said that she does not regularly go to the gym nor do any exercise, but she does not occasionally make any gym for a few weeks.

According to Ayesha Omar, she eats vegetables including palm meal, while she also drinks coconut water.

More interesting than this is that Ayesha Omar revealed that she eat anything after 2 hours, besides, whenever she feels hungry she eats food.

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