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Sexual Harassment case: 11 witnesses reported in Ali Zafar’s support

Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

All 11 witnesses present in the court reported in Ali Zafar’s support and profess all the allegations of Sexual harassment on Ali Zafar by Meesha Shafi are wrong and lie.

According to all the witnesses on the occasion during the jamming session during the period of 29 and 30 in District and Sessions Court Lahore, there was no truth in the allegations of Meesha Shafi.

These are 11 witnesses, who were present there on May 22, 2017, during the jamming session at Ali Zafar‘s house, and Meesha Shafiq accused herself of being harassed in the same place.

Meesha Shafia allegedly accused a person in April 2018 by a tattoo that Ali Zafar had sexually harassed them in front of everyone during the jamming session.

There were 11 people present during the jamming session, who had earlier submitted the statements before the court including the depositing submission of the statement in the court.

On the statements given by Witnesses, Meesha Shafi‘s lawyer, 29 and 30, witnessed testimony.

Last day, 5 Witnesses were released and today more testimony were reported.

During the hearing by session judge Amjad Ali Shah, more witnesses, while mentioning Ali Zafar, denied allegations of Meesha Shafi and said that he was present in the jamming session and there was no sexual harassment.

The 11 witnesses of the Jamming session included two women Kinza Munir and Aqsa Ali who also denied the allegations of Meesha Shafi, saying that she was on a few foot-offs from both the singers and she did not see any case of sexual harassment.

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Witnesses included Guitarist Asad Ahmed, musicians Kashif Chaman, Keyboard Player Joshowa Keith, Base Player Mohammad Ali, Drummer Qaiser Zain, singer Aqsa Ali, Baqar Abbas, and musician Mohammad Taqi.

In this case, the court sought more 13 Witnesses on June 11 next month.

The other witnesses who were asked were present in the applications and places.

In the case, the total number of witnesses presented before the court is 24, out of which 11 witnesses were from the Jamming session and were completely convinced.

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