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West indies victorious starting in World Cup

Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

West Indies won by defeating Pakistan in 7 wickets in its first match in the World Cup 2019, due to the best performance of the bowlers.

In the Nottingham Trent Bridge, both the teams started their campaign, where West Indies captain Jason Holder won the toss and decided to field first, which proved to be beneficial for them.


The bowling line of the West Indies team, with the title of the black pot, wrapped all the wickets by wrapping the Pakistani batsmen.

Hassan Ali is going out to Pelin.  - Photos: Reuters

Pakistan’s batting was not a good start and Imam ul Haq scored 2 runs on a total of 17 runs while Fakhar Uz Zaman scored 22 runs on a total of 35 and bold unfortunately on Andree Russell’s ball.

The team scored 10 runs in the innings that Haris Sohail made 8 runs after being bowled to Andrey Russell’s ball on the wicketkeeper Hoop.

Sarfraz Ahmed and Babar Azam tried to score big, but before Babar Azam took 22 runs after making 62 runs, the Oshen Thomas’s ball on the ball, Hoop took a good catch, while Sarfraz Ahmed also made 8 runs. At the Jones Holder’s ball, gave catch to hoop.

The half team was pushed to the pavilion, it was likely to prove that the experienced batsman Mohammad Hafeez would try to take forward the score, but it could not be done because, on the other hand, Amad Waseem and Hassan Ali score one while Shadab Khan got no score and returned to the pavilion.

credits: twitter.com

Mohammad Hafeez’s resistance could not last too long and he got out on the ball of Oshen Thomas, with 16 runs, with the Pakistan batting line lost by 9 wickets at 83 runs.

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At this point, it was felt that the Pakistan team could not cross 100, but Wahab Riaz scored 2 six and scored 18 runs and reached the 105 for 105 runs where he was Oshen Thomas. The ball became bold and the entire team was all out.

By West Indies, Oshen Thomas, 4, Jason Holder 3, Andrey Russell 2 while Shielden Kottellel won a wicket.

The Pakistan team got out on its second-lowest score of the World Cup history, where the 7 batsmen of the national team could not reach 10 scores.

The West Indies started pursuing the target, the opener gave the start of 36 runs to the team, but at this stage, Amir got the wicket of hoop.

The fast bowler also defeated another of Darwin Bravo’s innings, making another crucial success to Pakistan.

Mohammad Amir scored the third wicket of West Indies, opener Chris Gayle give a catch to Shadab Khan by making 50 runs for 34 balls.

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However, the West Indies team got a target of the fourth ball of the 14th over.

Pakistan won three wickets by Mohammad Amir.

Remember that Pakistan’s lowest score in the World Cup is 74 runs, which they scored against the England World Cup in the 1992 World Cup, but the match was rumored and the team survived defeat.

Wahab Riaz was the last outgoing player.  - Photos: Reuters
Wahab Riaz was the last outgoing player. – Photos: writers

Pakistan’s captain Sarfraz Ahmed said on the occasion, “If we win the toss, we would bowlers first, if the opening overs is removed then this is a good betting wicket.”

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Sarfraz Ahmed said that Wahab Riaz and Mohammad Amir will play an important role in the team but Asif Ali Khan is not a part of the team today.

The captain of the national team said that if the start of the match is good then it will try to score a bigger score, but its bowling is confident in defending the target.

The West Indies team has shown their dangerous ambitions in warm-up matches and one-day series in the One-Day series, but Pakistan team is going through a very rare situation that had to face a constant defeat in its last 10 matches.

The biggest challenge for Sarfraz Ahmed and his team is to forget this series of defeat and to present a good game in the World Cup, but controlling the West Indies team in Nottingham will not be easy for Pakistan to

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