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Pakistani horror film ‘Kataksha’ is elected for international carnival

Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

The film ‘Kataksha’, full of fascinating and horrific horror movie, will be presented in the London Freight Fest Film Festival in August this year.

According to the report of the Pakistani Cinematography, the film’s directions were given by Pakistani filmmaker Abu Aleeha, it is a scary film made in a low budget based on the Katas Raj Temple in Chakwal.

The details of the film have not been described yet, but the main thing is that it will be presented to international fans, investors looking for new talents.

Salma Meraaj, Maqin Gobal, Qasim Khan and Karan Prabirer will appear in the Kolkata film screening for screening in the London Freight Festival Film Festival in August.

Movie poster - foto / screen shot
Movie poster – foto / screen shot

The world’s biggest horror movie festival is held in the UK, in which filmmaker around the world offers their horror movies to showcase.

The selected films in the festival are not only awarded with awards and cash prizes, but there are strong possibilities of the film’s international release because representatives of large film production companies around the world also participate in this festival.

The writer and director of ‘Kakashasha’ film have confirmed that the London Fright Film Festival continued for several months.

He said that Kakashasha was sent for the festival to be selected from where the confirmation email has arrived, the film will be displayed in the festival held in August.

This year, a video was shared with the fans to bring the first line of the film, which showed that some youngsters are sitting in a car from where their journey will begin.

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While now this new teaser shows that these youngsters get on a journey, after which they arrive in an orbit and there are strange things happening there.

Remember that this is Abu Aleha’s second film before he has made a movie called ‘Arifa’, which was made by Karachi’s girl’s life.

The director had told about his film, he had to face more problems than making the first movie ‘Arifa’ in making him the film.

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