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Another Day Another Washout!! – Kane & Kohli Split Points with unbeaten in the world cup 2019.

Written by Asad Naseer

India and New Zealand were unbeaten in world cup 2019. The credit goes to rain which turns the expectation into a rough mood. both teams share a point equals. Drop by drop, the Nottingham rain ensured that India and New Zealand dropped their first points at this World Cup as inclement weather didn’t even allow for the toss to take place. From a different viewpoint, it also means that their unbeaten runs are still intact at the expense of the tournament’s fourth washed-out match in less than a week.
The tournament in England and Wales started in dry conditions but three of the past four matches have been no results.
New Zealand top of the table with seven points after three wins and a no result while India is third on five points, with two wins and one point from Thursday’s washout. True to forecast, a gloomy morning dawned upon Trent Bridge with rain quickly making an appearance around toss time before proceeding to play hide-and-seek throughout the day. The dry spells, which the umpires utilized for inspections, didn’t offer much promise either, as there appeared to be several damp patches on the outfield which had taken a lot of rain in the last few days.
“It’s been unfortunate but that’s the way it is, “on-field umpires Marais Erasmus and Paul Reifel said. “The groundstaff did their best but the weather 48 hours prior to today made it really difficult for them.”
The Kivi captain said in the press conference that.
“Obviously you turn up hoping to compete for two points but we’ve been here for four days and not seen any sun so it’s no surprise,” said New Zealand captain Kane Williamson. “They will get some sun at some point but not on our trip here. With training indoors, you just try and get what you need out of it. It’s not ideal but having a bit of time off is also important in these competitions.”

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Meanwhile India captain Virat Kohli was of the opinion that the outfield was not suitable and would have resulted in injuries.
“The outfield was not suitable for play, especially as it’s so early in the tournament you don’t want an injury at this stage. It’s unfortunate, you cannot control the weather but a point isn’t bad at this stage given we already have two wins,” the star batsman insisted.
The International Cricket Council (ICC) has faced criticism over the lack of reserve days in the group stage but said having them for every match would be “extremely complex”.
Both teams would have been happy with the point, but India, in particular, would have liked to take some momentum from this game, given their upcoming blockbuster fixture against Pakistan on Sunday. But Virat Kohli admitted after the match that the right decision had been made.

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