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Former Miss India Universe is harassed in india

Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

 The Former Miss India Universe Ushashi Sengupta was attacked by 15 boys who try to scare her and beat her driver too. after this incident ushashi exposed the real face of India and Indian police and criticize them for not helping her in time.

Describing the horrific incident with him, Mr Gupta, who won Miss India’s speech in 2010, revealed the true face of India in front of the whole world, how women in India are insecure and police also It works hard to help.


Ushoshi told the details of the incident that happened to her on Facebook, said that around Pune on Tuesday night, after returning from Kolkata’s hotel, she returned home from Ober’s car that about 15 young boys had done their work. Attacked and continued to drive out the car door, the driver came out. After all, the boys started dragging out the driver and I got out of the car and started running on boys and made their video too.

Ushoshi said that she ran to the nearby police station and asked for help from the police officer there, but he refused to help to say that this area does not come into force, but after appealing too much, police officer Ready to walk with her, when the boys see him they pushed him and run.

I and my colleague with me requested the driver to leave the house and when we reached our home, we were scared to see that 6 boys were following us on motorcycles, they stopped our car and stones on the car Apart from this, they also wanted to snatch away my phone by breaking the phone in which their video of attack was present, and then the boys ran away from there.

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