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‘I am sure the film “Baaji” will make its place in hearts of people’: Meera

Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

Distinguished Pakistani actress Meera says that the government should cooperate in the rehabilitating movies in Pakistan.

Meera is hoping for her upcoming film ‘BAAJI’ and said that my film will make her place in the hearts of the people and make good business with the public’s love.

Speaking to Express on the occasion of ‘Red Carpet Launch’ on the of the film, Mera was present on the occasion, where Amna Elyas and Osman Khalid Butt along with other cast the film, were present.

Meera said that we don’t have competition with others if Pakistan’s people watch Pakistani movies then filmmakers will make movies, film “BAAJI” is a masterpiece which has songs and suspense with the story. I have worked hard in preparing the movie. Being an actress, the love of the people of the is a tremendous asset.

The movie hero Usman Khalid Butt said, “Our movies are underage, but the competition is tough, our plays are popular worldwide, but soon our movies will be placed in the global market. “Baaji” is a complete film, in which every actor has done justice, the government will have to take steps to restore the film industry.

The film will be released on june 28, 2019.

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