Messi warns that now “it has just started the real race for the title”


Argentina qualified for the quarterfinals of the Copa America-2019 on Sunday with a 2-0 victory over Qatar after a hesitant start in the first round of the tournament, although star Lionel Messi said: “Now another Cup begins.”

“The important thing was to win for us to continue well in the competition, to pass the stage and to settle in the World Cup,” said the mixed zone.

The Barcelona striker added: “This will be a major boost for what’s to come” in relation to the quarter-final match against Venezuela next Friday at the legendary Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro.

Despite qualifying with a win, a draw (1-1 against Paraguay) and a defeat (2-0 against Colombia) and with a game that leaves many doubts, Messi warned that for Albiceleste “another Cup begins.”

“This victory has to strengthen us and we have to continue to grow as a team,” he said.

On the game against Qatar, which was decided with goals by Lautaro Martínez (4) and Sergio Aguero (82), Messi analyzed: “It was a very difficult game for us, for our need of victory, our obligation, and fear to stay out, but besides we did things well and we pass that is the important thing “.

Aguero, who recovered the starter lost in the second game against Paraguay, said: “Fortunately he started the game, fortunately, we understood each other well, referring to the attackers (Messi, Martinez and him) and fortunately we won.”

With respect to Venezuela, the Manchester City striker said that “it is a very complicated opponent, that against attack very well we will try to be prepared for it.”