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Careem Launches a monthly cheaper option,Prices are incresed for Careem Ride

Muhammad Naqash
Written by Muhammad Naqash

Careem had created a lot of hype for their budget packages. While the company hadn’t revealed much about it, the marketing campaign with slogans like ‘ghabrana nahi hai’ had given people a faint hope that the company was going to offer some relief to its customers.

However, it must be kept in mind that some provincial governments have introduced new taxes, which stand at about 5 percent. And the prevailing inflation has also caused things to go beyond the control of ride hailing services.

Reflecting these new taxes and recent inflation, the new packages are jacked up, well by a lot. In fact, they have risen by almost Rs. 100 per package.

Here is how much the new Budget Packages cost:

  • 3 rides for Rs. 249 (14 days)
  • 6 rides for Rs. 449 (14 days)
  • 10 rides for Rs. 649 (14 days)
  • 20 rides for Rs. 999 (30 days)
  • Unlike the old Ride Packages, the new packages offer a discount of Rs. 120 on each ride and are still applicable on most ride types on Careem.

While the old Ride Packages used to offer Rs. 110 discount on each trip, they offered more value for money.

However, the new 30-day package does offer a higher value for money for regular Careem users.

Take a look at the old packages:

  • 3 rides for Rs. 180
  • 6 rides for Rs. 340
  • 10 rides for Rs. 480
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