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IT: Chapter Two Producer Teases Epic Director’s Cut

Written by Asad Naseer

It: Chapter Two producer Barbara Muschietti teases an epic director’s cut for the horror sequel. The new film from director Andy Muschietti continues to create quite the stir, especially since its official release date is just over a month away, with much having already been seen and said.

In fact, this time around there’s likely to be even more anticipation for the adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 horror novel, given that IT was a box office smash hit when it released back in 2017. Whatever initial concerns that fans had as to whether or not Muschietti would do the famed novel justice quickly evaporated upon its release, and now that audiences know that the series is in the right hands, the second chapter’s hard R-rating as well as its intriguing cast are all perfect ingredients for another blockbuster.

While it was recently reported that It: Chapter Two’s runtime will be a healthy 2 hours and 45 minutes, there’s still a little more about the film’s length to be known. Thanks to Digital Spy, who recently interviewed both Muschiettis about the film, we now know that there will also be a director’s cut of what’s likely to be one of the year’s biggest and best works of horror. Said the film’s producer with regard to the lengthier cut:

“We will put out a director’s cut because this time it definitely merits it. We have some amazing scenes that didn’t make it into the movie. You have to make choices sometimes and some things cannot be in this theatrical release but are definitely worthy of people seeing them at a later date.”

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Given that we already know that It: Chapter Two is going to be heavy on the violence and gore, learning that there were scenes that could not be in the theatrical cut begs the question as to whether these scenes were cut due to time or the inability to get them, past censors. If the reason is the latter, horror fans will undoubtedly be extra ecstatic to know that a director’s cut will indeed follow the theatrical release at some point. As of this writing, there’s no official confirmation of just how much longer the director’s cut will be in comparison to the theatrical release, but the fact that one even exists is excellent news for anyone who loves horror and Muschietti’s IT series.

However, while the excitement continues to build at a frenzied pace for the film’s release, it’s worth remembering that more doesn’t necessarily guarantee an increase in quality. Only half the story of IT has been told so far, and how the second half is handled is actually more important in some ways than how the first was handled. Any mistakes or issues in the first film can always be made up for in the second. But mistakes in the second and final film could be destructive to the entire series. This isn’t to say that IT: Chapter Two will fail, just that the substantial excitement from fans means that the film definitely has its work cut out for it.

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