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Vivo unveils Multi-Turbo Engine for gaming at the PUBG Global Championship 2019

Written by Asad Naseer

Vivo has showcased its new Multi-Turbo Engine, software boosters for its smartphones. This was done at the PUBG Mobile Club Open championship in Berlin that took place this weekend. Vivo is the main partner of PUBG Mobile and all players of the 16 teams, playing in the finals, used a Vivo NEX smartphone with Multi-Turbo Engine and Turbo Mode.

The Multi-Turbo Engine is a series of boosters for the software and hardware to provide a better gaming experience. The Multi-TurboEngine comprise of Game Turbo, Centre Turbo, Cooling Turbo, and AI Turbo. How they work is that Game Turbo connects to the game performance SDK to enable specific optimizations while playing any game like PUBG Mobile and other popular mobile games on the NEX.

On the other hand, Center Turbo prioritizes CPU and internal storage to work specifically for games in order to reduce FPS lag up to 78%. While Cooling Turbocomes with thermal management features. Finally, there is AI Turbo which “intelligently allocates” CPU/GPU power.

During the PUBG Mobile Club Open championship in Berlin, the Vivo NEX in use by all the players had the Multi-Turbo Mode that optimizes the display specifically for PUBG Mobile. It comes as a result of the partnership between the developers of the game and the smartphone company and it supports HDR+ Extreme and delivers a stable high frame rate.

This feature is open to all Vivo NEX owners with their device running the latest FunTouchOS 9 version.

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