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Punjabi Singer GURI Done A Movie Sikander 2

Muhammad Naqash
Written by Muhammad Naqash

Guri is one of the Popular Punjabi singer of India.

He sings his song From a Youtube channel Geet mp3 who has 13+ millions subscribers.

Geet Mp3

It is a youtube channel which cast music videos.They had hired many singers.

  • Guri
  • Jass Manak
  • Karan Randhawa
  • B jay Randhawa

Many other singers also work on this channel but they are most popular.Mostly songs are Directed by Satti Dhillon.Some are Directed by therer Brother K V Dhillon.


He is a Good Looking and dashing Singers his mostly songs Cross 100 million + views.He is a featured singer of Geet mp3.His career is due to Geet Mp3.He is a singer but now his movie is coming Sikander 2 which is made by Geet Mp3 and many other companies.

His most popular song on Youtube is Mil Lo Na who crossed 251million + views.

150 million plus views songs

  • Mil Lo Na (251m)
  • Nira IshQ (244m)
  • Billian Billian (216m)
  • Yaar Beli (207m)
  • Dooriyan (188m)

Sikander 2

Sikander 2 is releasing worlwide on 2 August.It is Directed by Manav Shah.

In this movie a student went to Chandigarh for studies but there he become a Gangster his little brother also do this. It is a action and romatic movie.Kartar cheema has a main character in this movie.

Now its promotion tour is going in different cities of India.

They thinks that it would be a block buster movie.Its all songs are trending.

One song is sing by Jass Manak which is Rab wangu.

one song is sing by Sidhuu Mosee Wala.

Guri Also sings a song Door Ho gya.

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