PUBG Mobile Season 9 Updated


PUBG Mobile is a very popular Warfare Game in which people connects througout the world.It’s Season 9 has officially launched.

It is in progress now till 18 of September.They had reset RP ANd TIER

Tier Reset

Tier is reset to GOLD 4 for all players because they can get a season 9 suit by playing in Gold tier.

According to promos and early beta releases, the new season will include some interesting costumes, skins and emotes inspired from the ancient ninja and samurai warriors.

An update announcement has already hit the game which says that a new update will be available starting today with a size of 124MB on Android and 140MB on iOS. Players updating the game before September 18 get a free Parachaute trail (Sigh). This should update the game to 0.14.5 so you can enjoy Season 9 once it goes live. The game developers have also shared some of the features that we can expect:

  • -Redesigned Missions and Ranking pages
  • -Countdown Timer leading to the new season
  • -Upgraded Royale Pass customized sharing page
  • -New Weekly Mission crate reminders
  • -Achievement chain progress system
  • -Emotes can now be dismantled
  • -Rewards and a discount on rare firearm finishes with the purchase of Unknown Cash