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I had never fallen for someone- Neelam Munir

neelam muneer

Pakistani actress Neelam Munirka said that I always try to keep my job while I do not interfere in anyone’s affairs.

Pakistani celebrity Neelam Munir said during the interview that life has changed a lot since her association with the industry, I have been very responsible while working. I just focused on the task of making a career, I never thought about who thinks and feels about me. I always try to keep my job as long as I do not interfere with anyone else’s affairs.

The actress was asked what she wants to do now after achieving so much success that she replied that she did not plan and would miss out if she had to miss the show. The actress added that she loves doing comedy films.

neelam muneer
Neelam Muneer is included in glamorous actresses of Pakistan Showbiz industry- PC: Instagram

The actress said that when I was in 9th grade when I did my first commercial, I still want to be like my mother, she is my idol, she raised us in the best way, we never realized that our father has passed away

The actress was asked about love and marriage. She said that love is something that is always difficult for me, whoever loves me it will very difficult for him to reach my heart. All my affairs are about Allah, which is good.

neelam muneer
PC: Instagram

I have all the joys of life, anger rarely comes up when I am at the forefront of helping others, but I do not expect much from people. God has brought me to a place I never thought I could have.

It is to be noted that the charming actress Neelam Munir, who started her career with the drama ‘Prison Solitude’, has shown the essence of acting in 30 dramas and 5 telefilms.

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