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No shoe was thrown on Asim Azhar

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Young singer Asim Azhar was performing at a concert in Sialkot a few days ago, a video of which also went viral on social media.

The reason this video went viral on social media was that fans felt that someone in the audience jumped on the actor, expressing his displeasure over Asim Azhar’s singing.

After which the fans started expressing anger and resentment.

However, the interesting thing was that no one tried to throw a shoe at Asim Azhar in this video viral on social media, however, it was a hat that fans were trying to give to Asim Azhar.

Asim Azhar also released a hilarious video explaining the matter in which he responded to this criticism in his own style.

In a video released on Instagram, Asim Azhar hilariously showed that he was performing on top of his bed.

On the occasion, someone threw a hat on them from the front, after which another friend entered the room, who started to say that Asim Azhar was hit by a fan.

On this, Asim said, “I have been watching the video for several days that Asim got a shoe. I did not speak in this regard, because the first thing was only to me, but now people are saying bad things to the fans there.” Are ‘.

The singer added, ‘The shoe was not hit; the hat was thrown towards me, thankfully I had picked it up’.

It should be noted that instead of Asim Azhar, the first video was worn by his band’s guitarist.

A video by Vicki Ali, a guitarist, also went viral on social media in which he made it clear that the fan had thrown Asim with the wish that he would wear it, but it came to him after which everyone felt that The shoe is hit.

Asim Azhar got fame from Coke Studio, he is the son of renowned actress Gul Raina.

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